Is Ticket Magic Legitimate?


Today, we’re taking a look at the site “” and answering the question: “Is Ticket Magic legitimate?”

As with everything these days, there’s a short answer and a long answer.

The Short Version of the answer to this “magic” question is: Yes.

If you use Ticket Magic, you’re just as likely to receive valid tickets as any other secondary site out there on the Internet, and you should have buyer protection as featured on their site to guarantee you tickets.

That being said — there are 3 things you should keep in mind when wondering about Ticket Magic (or any other site out there really)

#1. Fee Set-up

Ticket Magic is displaying prices without fees upfront. That means that the price you see at first will not be the total price that you pay!

It’s hard to compare prices from different sites when each has a different price/fee structure — but you’ll want to do this if you’re looking around for the best deal.

**In one example — tickets that first cost $114 ended up being $157.20 after fees (a 37% increase from the 1st number that you saw).  Every site charges ticket fees — but if you’re not doing your math from the end result, you may be losing money.

#2. Competitor Sites

Generally, you want to check the following sites:

Stubhub , SeatGeek , & Ticketmaster (or whatever “primary box office” sells your tickets. Example:

*IF NFL or NHL, please check “Ticketmaster Ticket Exchange” for that sport as well.

Ticket Magic may be able to beat those prices on those sites – but if you check those 4 sites — you’ll usually come out with one of the best prices that you can get on your event.

**In our same example — We went through the process of buying 2 Pittsburgh Penguins tickets for an upcoming game.  2 tickets in Sect. 223 Q on Ticket Magic came out to the $157.20 listed above; while the same set of tickets were available on NHL Ticket Exchange for $139.80, a difference of $17.40 (or over 10% of their price) that you would just be throwing away.

I’m NOT bashing the site or saying that you should never ever buy there — just take the few minutes to always compare prices… this can vary a lot in both directions.

#3. Congrats — Sports Illustrated! (??)

This is something that rubbed me the wrong way when using Ticket Magic’s site.Ticket Magic SI

A lot of sites do something like this (even Ticketmaster with hard tickets & wine offers) where they include some rebates or some kind of third-party offer to increase their profit margins on sales made.

However, on Ticket Magic (as you can see in the image at right) it seemed like the “Sports Illustrated offer” was going to be included no matter what.

I personally don’t want to ever get these kind of offers; but hey maybe this is something you’re in to and could be seen as a positive.

Overall, Ticket Magic is a legitimate site and business.

They may or may not have the best prices — you should always compare!

As with any ticket site that does not have “Sport-Specific” validation (meaning new barcodes are issued each sale from the direct venue) I can’t guarantee that any ticket you buy anywhere will be 100% guaranteed to get you in the door.

In the ticket industry as with many other industries, there are always rare mistakes that could be made. Whether it’s glitches, unintentional mistakes, etc that could prevent you from getting inside.

Ticket Magic offers a Full Refund guarantee that is in line with the industry standard.

My final recommendation regardless of the initial site that you were thinking about buying from when you read this is to simply shop around and make sure you are getting the best price for your purchase!

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